6 Month Subscription

6 Month Subscription

From $850.00
10 clients

We're thrilled to introduce our new subscription services, designed to make client connections effortless and delightful. With our 6-month delivery option, you're in control. You decide how many clients ' you'd like to reach out to six times a year.

Here's how it works: You provide us with your address spreadsheet the month before your scheduled deliveries. For example, if you've chosen 20 clients, you have the flexibility to interchange these addresses to suit your needs.

Please note that, to maintain the freshness and timeliness of our deliveries, we do not allow rollovers. Each delivery is a fresh opportunity to make a lasting impression.

Join us in fostering meaningful connections with your clients throughout the year. Your subscription with Delightful Deliveries ensures that your gratitude and thoughtfulness are delivered right to their doorstep, six times a year.


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